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Our Favourite Fashionable Books

I love to read! … Scratch that, I love to read only about things that interest me – otherwise I find myself daydreaming my way through a book and pages will go by before I realize that I have no clue what I just read. Anyone else?  So my library consists of tales from fashion bloggers, designers, stylists, journalists, entrepreneurs & of course the occasional chick lit (ie. all of Lauren Weisberger’s books). I’m guilty of buying so many that I’m actually in the middle of like 5…soooo, one of my goals this year is to stick to one book before moving onto another, and finishing all of the ones I’ve been meaning to. Here is a list of some of my favourite fashionable books!



I’m sure this is one that you’ve heard of – an autobiography by Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso. Her story of life as a rebellious outsider & love for vintage clothes, lead her to create a fashion empire in Nasty Gal. Netflix is set to steam an original series this year inspired by this book! I can’t wait to binge watch that one!!! #GIRLBOSS is one I couldn’t put down & finished in a few days!!



Joe Zee is a stylist, fashion editor, designer & all around fashion maven. You’ve definitely seen him if you follow celeb fashion & red carpets, watched The City (he was the creative director at Elle, where Olivia worked) or followed the short-lived talk show FabLife, where he co-hosted. The book has everything from stories of growing up fashion-obsessed in Canada & his days grinding away as an intern to styling celebrities & his work for major publications. He even has advice on developing your own personal style & taking the perfect selfie – because who doesn’t want to know that ;)



The title of the book is self explanatory – Aliza Licht was the long time Senior Vice President of Global Communications for DKNY (in 2016, she left to become the EVP of Brand Marketing & Communications for alice + olivia) . In the book she mentors readers through creating the perfect resume & landing their dream internships/jobs, while also developing a strong brand and using social media to your advantage. At a time when few designers were even on Twitter, she helped create the famous DKNY PR GIRL. A fictional character that developed a cult following, as she tweeted her insight into life in fashion PR. This book is chock-full of info for every reader, not only those interested in fashion!



I came across “Find Your Extraordinary” in an airport store this spring & had to buy it – but haven’t started reading just yet. Jessica Herrin is the founder of Stella & Dot, a wildly successful jewelry line available through social selling platforms. It caught my eye because I have always loved the accessories & her story of growth over the past 13 years is amazing!! She started making jewelry at home & hosting trunk shows in 2003 and now the company does hundreds of millions in sales each year!  The book promises to help evoke your entrepreneurial spirit & have you living a life you love – whatever that may be! I love learning of how people got to where they are in careers, especially ones  that seem to have taken the road less travelled.



Not quite finished “Tales From The Back Row” yet, but already it is in my top 5! Amy Odell is a writer who has worked for a number of fashion publications. The book is full of stories about her often awkward encounters with celebrities & what fashion week is REALLY like – she’s not shy about naming names. To give you an idea of the hilarity of this book, there is a chapter called  “Trendsetters : The Tale Of The Designer Sweatpants I Bought When I Was Stoned.” If that alone doesn’t make you want to read, I don’t know what will!



A weekend read – I could NOT put The Glitter Plan down! It’s another autobiography from the women who created Juicy Couture – you know, the ones who made the velour tracksuit a celebrity staple?! This was such an honest story about the struggles of starting a company & the growing pains that are inevitable. It was comforting to know that EVERYONE starts from the bottom and success is learning as you go!



I didn’t know who Dulce Candy was when I bought this book. I read the cover jacket & decided to give it a read. It’s an autobiography about her life growing up in Mexico & immigrating (illegally) to the US. As a teen she was rebellious & battled depression – never feeling quite like she fit in. After enlisting in the Army in an attempt to get her life on track, she started to come into her own. She grew a love for makeup after playing with it in her free time, and began filming YouTube tutorials – where she now has over 1 million subscribers. It really is just a sweet story of finding happiness when you finally become the person you were meant to be!



This is one that EVERY woman can benefit from. It’s not so much a story as it is a lifestyle blog in tangible form. Louise packed everything into this book – how to create a personal style, apply makeup, recipes for beauty juices, treat cellulite, accessorize your home & walk in high heels! One you will surely always go back to for tips & tricks/advice!



This is the only Vogue magazine I ever buy….when I can find it! It’s not really a magazine, but a seasonal book documenting every collection shown during fashion weeks in Paris, Milan & New York. I know this info is readily available online, but to me there’s still something about having a hard copy to hold in-hand. When I see them in Chapters I always make a point of nabbing one because there are few and far between where I live. They are a pretty penny, but always worth it in my book!!



My favourite magazine (I know I’m behind on issues tho!). I love it because it’s not packed with editorials & ads from high-price designer brands I can’t afford. There is actual info about fashion & beauty that is relatable – affordable clothing, makeup, hair, skincare etc..


Not a fashion book – but perfect for the pop culture junkie!


This book was so good, I will read it again – as soon as I catch up on all of the others! haha. This is all about Giuliana’s life – growing up in Italy & moving to the US, how she found her way into entertainment news, and her struggles with infertility & cancer. Also the real juicy celeb stuff (also not shy about naming names) – there’s a love triangle between her, Jerry O’Connell & Ginger Spice, a red carpet run-in with an annoying Ariana Grande & very weird interview with Anna Nicole Smith…and so many more! A MUST READ!!!


Are you still with me? I know this was a long one, hope you enjoyed reading about some of my favourite books – please let me know if you have any that I need to know about & I’ll add them to my growing collection!! Hope you had a great weekend!

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    Great post Tia! Thanks for the share! I’m definitely going to pick up a few of these! I’m notorious for buying books and not finish them too so I’ll make it my mission to actually read them! Xox

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